EXA’s company business started in 1986 with the after-sale activity for the equipment by Bailey Controls USA with whom we used to have a sales agreement as agents for the Italian market.

Such agreement included the supply of:

  • Supply for New Plants

    Profiting of our long-lasting experience as sub-contractors we can offer the system engineering for temperature , flow, level, pressure measurement for TSI and BMS sub-systems based on the material requisistions form the first steps of the technical offer and commercial quotation up to the final documentation including :

    - test certificates

    - wiring diagram

    -complete documentation

    - data-sheets

    - quality test report

    - support at the inspection

    All the above is included in the supply of the equipment  with no extra-price .

  • Supply for Existing Plants

    Due to the fast evolution in I&C technology and automation every power,  petrochemical or industrial plant experiences the problem of the obsolescence of their instrument and control equipment; finding the suitable replacement for the installed instruments when they break down can be very hard because the new ones can be different from the installed ones in the  mechanics or  electronics and therefore not interchangeable.  Exa can suggest the best replacement among the many options available on the market to suit the application needs, and  supply it complete with the accessories necessary to grant the highest degree of interchangeability .

  • Revamping of Existing Systems

    Old plants may reach a degree of intensive usage that impairs the operations and results in very low efficiency levels.

    To re-establish the full productivity its sub-systems may need a compete renovation either named “revamping” or “rehabilitation programs:

    Based on the original documents and data-sheets - and on the “reverse engineering technique” - we offer to develop the engineering of projects aimed at replacing every single device the way it was originally engineered in the plant , WITHOUT CHANGING THE WHOLE SYSTEM STRUCTURE .

    This job is carried out in close contact with the plant management who sends over to us the pictures of the damaged equipment and the installation details , thus enabling the engineering to cover every single step up to the shipping.

    The operation instructions and the wiring diagrams that come together with the supply provide the necessary support that make expensive on-site maintanance activities not necessary.

    This solution proves highly convenient and cost-effective , and is especially recommended for plants that must operate on budget restriction basis.

  • Manufacturing of Custom Products

    EXA has developed a series of originally designed and manufactured products to satisfay the needs of many customers around the wolrd searching for reliable solutions to replace instruments no more available on the market, especially old Bailey Control’s devices, like Pressure and Differential Pressure Transmitters ( KA, BC and BCN Series ), Control Stations ( like 720 Utitlity Station ), Flame Detector System ( Bailey Flamon Series ) and other customized solution.

    Please refer to the Products Page and have a look to our Product’s Range .

  • Large Stock of Instruments

    Years ago the Company ELSAG-BAILEY (based in Genova – Italy) decided to give up all instruments belonging to the obsolete control lines which were available at their large stock and EXA acquired them on a lump basis.

    For this reason we can nopw offer the following product lines :

    • BC and BCN electronic transmitters
    • electronic modules of 7000 Control line
    • electronic modules of 820 Control line.

    Differently from many products on the market globally and in the web ( e-bay etc. )  all our instruments are new and never used (not reconditioned) because they come directly from the Elsag Bailey facility.

  • Worldwide References
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  • pressure, level and temperature transmitters BCN
  • control modules (cards) for the DCS INFI 90 SYSTEM
  • cards and flame detectors for the Burner Management System

Bailey Controls equipment - the state of the art in the 80ies and 90ies - found large popularity at Ansaldo and other main contractors in Italy and abroad and were implemented in the many Power Stations they designed and erected at that time. Many of these products are now phased-out as Bailey itself is no more operating but due to our old relationship with Bailey we can still supply as we have still a large stock. Some other products have been re-designed based on the new technology but functionally equivalent.

Our commitment with Ansaldo took a further step forward after 2000 after Ansaldo developed the gas-turbine technology in cooperation with Siemens. We gained a very large experience in the procurement of the spare parts for the gas turbine requested for the plants maintenance plants based on the original WSLV Siemens specifications.

Our business has grown since then up to now to include the following activities which we carry out with our many customers in Italy and abroad (see the attached reference list), namely the supply of maintenance spare parts for Power Station of the systems involved in the power generation process (turbine , generator, alternator, boiler) including:

  • We can also supply all spare parts for their GAS TURBINES model 94 according to ANSALDO SPARE PARTS LISTS AND SPECIFICATIONS.

According to the customers requisitions or needs our engineers select the best option available based on the price/performance rate requested by the project specifications.


EXA is specialized in the engineering for the replacement of obsolete equipment, replacing of the old equipment with new models which are interchangeable with the  existing ones, thus requiring no on-site electric or electronic adaptations.


This activity can prove difficult when the equipment originally installed are no longer available or the original manufacturer has ceased its activity.

  • control valves
  • sensors (temperature / speed / vibration , etc.) : Bentley Nevada, Cemb, Philips, Epro
  • field measurement and control transmitters, gauges, switches: flow, level : ABB, Rosemount , Magnetrol, Officine Orobiche, WIKA, NUOVA FIMA, ENDRESS+HAUSER
  • equipment by Italian manufacturers with whom we have special commercial agreements that make it possible for us to offer below list prices
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