Bailey Controls developed Nr. 2 different series of Pressure Transmitters: BC Pressure Transmitter Series and BCN Pressure Transmitter Series.

BC Pressure Transmitter Series is the first generation of Bailey Transmitters and was a non-smart electronic type of transmitter.

BCN Transmitter series, the second generation of transmitters, was a family of smart transmitters.

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Bailey introduced around the year 1970 the 820 Control System as a first series with the "split" architecture. The 820 Control System Line was designed specifically for Power Stations; later on Bailey introduced  the 861 Series whose application was specifically designed for Power Stations' Sequential Control and Burner Management Systems in association with the 820 Control System, which is the modulating control for the Boiler. 


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Flamon Flame Detector and Receiver Type UF have been developed by Bailey Controls to monitor the fuel-burning equipment and provide alarm, indication, and/or control of the fuel when used with auxiliary equipment. The Flamon Flame Detector System was designed in three versions in order to detect the Ultraviolet Radiation Range ( Flamon UV Sensor ), the Visible Flicker Range ( Flamon VF Sensor ) and a combination of both UV and VF Range ( Flamon UV / VF Sensor ). The Flamon Flame Detection System was a successful product line and was phased-out  many years ago.

Utility Station 722

The Utility Stations Type 720-X are manufactured by EXA on the basis of the original Bailey technology to replace the old Bailey Utility Stations Type 720. The Utility Stations are designed for use with the rack-mounted Type 721 or 781 Controls Units, Type 787 Proportional Units, Type 722 Manual Units, Type 723 Proportional and Delay Units and Type 724 Logic Units. The Station is designed for mounting on Control panels and contains the required Operator adjustments, indicators, switches and status lamps. Electrical connections are made by plug and cable assemblies at the rear of the station are suitable for panel mounting.

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Edgewise Indicator Exa



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