Bailey introduced the 820 Control System as a product line with the "split" architecture in the early 7ies. The 820 Control System Line was specifically designed for Power Stations; later on Bailey introduced  the 861 Series whose application was specifically designed for Power Stations' Sequential Control and Burner Management Systems in association with the 820 Control System, which is the modulating control for the Boiler. The second generation of the electronic control system introduced by Bailey on the market was the 7000 Control System Line, both in "split" and unitized architecture. The 7000 Control System Line was designed particularly for the chemical and oil and gas industry.  The Network90 Line was introduced by Bailey in 1990, and was the first Bailey microprocessor based Control System Line. The Network 90 line was improved and re-designed some years later as INFI90 Control System Line, which is the last Bailey Control Branded System Line, before merging of Bailey in ABB Group. The INFI90 Line is the base architecture for Symphony and Harmony Line that are the current ABB Control System lines . EXA can provide a large range of Bailey and Bailey - ABB Modules.


EXA is able to supply a large set of modules to replace obsolete BAILEY MODULES of the following series:

- 820 Control System

- 861 Control System

- 7000 Control System



Electronic Modules ex - Bailey

EXA “AUXILIARY RELAY A CARD” P/N 6624266-1-X replace the Bailey Module P/N 6624266-1; it contains four independent relays used for general purpose relay isolation and contact fanout. Each relay has a panel mounted LED light to display the contact status.

Auxiliry Relay A Card - 6624266-1-X

Bailey 820 Auxiliary Relay a

EXA “POWER SUPPLY MONITOR CARD” P/N 6625070-1-X replace the Bailey Module P/N 6625070-1; it monitors the output voltage levels of the 24V dc power supplies and the level of the system power busses. In redundant systems the module provides relay contact outputs indicating normal or fault conditions.

Power Supply Monitor  - 6625070-1-X


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Please Contact EXA for a quotation:

EXA CONTROL / MONITOR CARD P/N L31732-1-X is the replacement for Bailey original  P/N L31732-1: it is one type of card used in the 861 Sequential Automation System. The C/M card’s purpose is to provide a standardized way of sequencing and monitoring field devices.

Control / Monitor Card - L31732-1-X

Control Monitor Card

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EXA GROUND FAULT MONITOR CARD P/N L27475A-1-X is the replacement for Bailey original  P/N L27475A-1; it is a one unit wide module designed to detect leakage to ground on the positive or negative side of a floating 125 volt power supply or a 24 volt power supply.

Ground Fault Monitor - L27475A-1-X

Bailey 861 Ground Fault Monitor

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